Accelerate Knowledge of The Past to Tomorrow - DELTA MAJA studio

The European Cultural Academy in collaboration with the University of Tartu is offering a two-week studio in July 2021. Venice is perhaps the most distinguished built environment the world has ever seen. Join the two-week studio in Venice during the Architecture Biennale 2021.

DATES: 5 – 16 July 2021, in Venice, Italy

Application deadline: November 15th, 2020

The Studio uses the roots and history to open hidden cultural codes embedded in the history of Venice, Vincenza and Padova. It combines knowledge of the legacy of Palladio, Vitruvius, Leonardo etc. bridging it with the Venice Biennale.
We mobilise the next generation of talented Master and PhD students and recent graduates to share knowledge and experience with advanced scholars and professionals in Art, Design, Media and Architecture.
The course is organised in collaboration with Dr. Kärt Summatavet, University of Tartu with endorsement from Cumulus.

Copy of the poster can be found HERE

European Cultural Academy
Palazzo Michiel, Strada Nova, 4391, 30121 Campo Santi Apostoli, Venice