Current and general goals of the Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, as a public institution of higher education and a member the University of Sarajevo, was established in 1972. It consists of six specific departments: Art Education Department, Department of Painting, Department of Sculpting, Department of Printmaking, Department of Graphic Design, and Department of Product Design. During the studies in the 1st and the 2nd cycles, students are offered different groups of elective subjects in the areas of multimedia, photography, pedagogy, psychology, conservation and restoration, theory of design and marketing, the design of light, etc. In the academic year 2006/2007, the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Sarajevo began applying the Bologna 4+1 System of Education. Since its establishment, the Academy has enrolled 2,723 students, and by 2019, 1,584 students graduated from it. The post-graduate studies were introduced in 1983 and, by the end of 2019, as many as 251 of its students have obtained M.A. degrees.

Current and general goals of the Academy of Fine Arts

Modernisation of curricula and syllabi

Upon the modernisation of the curricula of the 1st cycle (the Bachelor of Arts studies), the Academy began the reorganisation of the curricula of the 2nd cycle (the Master of Arts studies), introducing new Master studies in the areas of Photography and Fine Arts Education, in addition to the existing courses. It has been done in line with contemporary trends in the domain of higher education.

Introduction of the 3rd cycle of studies of arts and design

Doctoral studies in arts and design, as the 3rd cycle of studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, are in preparation. They are envisaged as an interdisciplinary research study of arts and design that will, in the spirit of previous experiences, encompass creative and artistic aspects, as well as formal and theoretical or academic aspects of design. Expert and theoretical education of future Ph.D. degree holders will open up the way for a more studious evaluation of fine arts and visual creative works, their analysis and synthesis, taking their creative practice as the point of departure.

Integrated studies of Conservation and Restoration

In order to contribute to the ample and seriously threatened cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and due to the evident and urgent need to create a pool of experts, we have plans for the establishment of the studies of Conservation and Restoration that would be carried out together with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Sarajevo.

Strengthening and development of regional and local cooperation with related institutions

In the spirit of long-term development of collegial relations, in October 2012 the Academy signed the Agreements on Cooperation with 12 academies of arts from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. (40ALU). These agreements provide a basis for defining and developing specific programmes in the areas of artistic, teaching and research activities, such as joint participation and presentation in international artistic and scientific projects; promotion of the mobility of teaching staff and students; realisation of joint exhibitions, symposia, seminars, art workshops, and publications; mutual assistance in education of students, and the advancement of the teaching staff.

Strengthening of cooperation with international partners and opening up to new trends aimed at modernisation of teaching process in accordance with European standards and their application in the teaching process

In addition to regional cooperation, in the past 40 years, the Academy of Fine Arts has developed significant links with international partners (see below) and others, such as the representatives of business and industry, and diplomatic representations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus affirming its leading role, not only in the field of higher education in visual arts and design, but also in establishing links with potential labour market for its students. Our participation in numerous international exhibitions and the awards received, and our active part in the public and cultural life of BiH and abroad, prove that the knowledge obtained at our Academy offers to our former students multiple opportunities and chances for advancement in the areas, such as multimedia, digital art, inter-active art, modernised pedagogical trends, visual communications and design, as well as other related domains.

Open studio

The Academy’s Open Studio is envisaged as a place for meeting, contemplation and dialogue on current cultural and artistic themes and issues. In the Academy Gallery we want to open the door for the flows and exchange of different views, ideas and expressions in the area of visual arts and to rightfully take the lead in motivating and educating the public of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the significance and relevance of art in contemporary societies, primarily due to the fact that in the past twenty years, art has been pushed to the margins of society. Enriched programmes of the Academy Gallery would enable artists, students, professors and former associates, as well as all the interested parties to have a place for re/presentation of art, and a critical dialectical framework for considering the significance and place of art in a society, as well as the place where they can get informed on the latest tendencies in art. Thee key themes of the Open Studio are:

  1. Reconsideration of changes of environment within which young artists operate,

  2. Consideration of different tendencies in the practice of contemporary art, with an emphasis on the younger generation of artists, and

  3. Consideration of issues related to the theory of contemporary artistic practice.

In the course of 2012 the following programmes were successfully realised: International Symposium on „Art Scene in the Post-war Period “, SOS Design Festival (Students Organise Sarajevo Design Festival), a lecture and a workshop presented Zora Stančić on the Book of Artist, and numerous other events.

Regional and local partners of the Academy

ArsAevi Museum of Contemporary Arts Sarajevo (BiH)
Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
Collegium Artisticum City Gallery - Sarajevo (BiH)
University in Mostar – Academy of Fine Arts in Široki Brijeg (BiH)
The Džemal Bijedić University – Faculty of Pedagogy (BiH)
University in Bihać –Technological Faculty (BiH)
University in East Sarajevo - Academy of Arts in Trebinje (BiH)
University in Banja Luka - Academy of Fine Arts (BiH)
University of Ljubljana - Academy of Fine Arts and design (SLO)
High School of Design Ljubljana (SLO)
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering– Department of Textile, Ljubljana (SLO)
University of Zagreb - Academy of Fine Arts in (HR)
Gallery of Contemporary Arts in Zagreb (HR)
University of Zagreb – Faculty of Forestry (HR)
The Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek - Academy of Arts (HR)
University in Split - Academy of Arts (HR)
University of Arts in Belgrade – Faculty of Fine Arts (SRB)
University in Novi Sad - Academy of Arts (SRB)
High Textile Vocational School of Design, Technology and Management (SRB)
University of Priština. Faculty of Arts (KOS)
University of Priština – Faculty of Arts (KOS)
University of Montenegro - Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje (MNE)
Gallery of Modern Arts in Budva (MNE)

International partners of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo

University of Arts Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin) (DE)
Bauhaus Universität Weimar  (DE)
Hochschule für Künste Bremen (DE)
University of Applied Sciences and Arts FB Design/Studiengand fotografie (DE)
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien (AT)
Studim Wien Foundation (AT)
Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts  (JP)
Nagoya Zokei Unversity of Arts (JP)
Aichi Prefectural University of Arts (JP)
Mimar Sinan Universitesi (TR)
Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (FR)
Ecole supérieure d'art d'Avignon (FR)
University of Natural Sciences – Department of Furniture Design (PL)
Faculty of Culturological Studies (PL)
Bern University of Applied Sciences (CH)

Partners from business community

Raiffaisen Bank Bosna i Hercegovina d.d.
SIPPO « Swiss Import Promotion Programme»
Hypo-Alpe Adria Bank d.d.
BH Telecom d.d.
Akova Impex d.o.o.  Sarajevo
Bosnalijek d.d.
Artisan d.o.o. Tešanj
Rukotvorine Konjic
Alfemo Sarajevo
Margo d.o.o
Grafotisak d.o.o. Grude


ECUME «Echanges Culturels en Méditerranée»
«SeeNet – Trans-local Network for Cooperation between Italy and South-East Europe »
Erasmus Mundus - Basileus & JoinEU-SEE

CEEPUS «Central European Exchange Program for University Studies»

International projects

SeeNet Project «Valorisation of Traditional Crafts »
Bauhaus «Networking of Ideas and Practice (BauNet)»
Ceepus Project A.L.I.C.E. «Architecture/Landscape/Interior/Culture/Emotions»