Transfer from other institutions of higher education and other departments

/Excerpts from the Rulebook of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo (consolidated text), Sarajevo, March 2008/

Article 85.
Students of other academies of fine arts may be admitted to this Academy only if they have completed the first year of their studies, and with all the exams of the first year of studies passed at the academy with which they had been enrolled.

Article 86.
As the rule, the transfer referred to in the previous Article is done within regular admission deadlines.
When transferring from another academy, students get enrolled with the corresponding semester, i.e. year of studies, if the curricula of recognised exams correspond to the curricula of this Academy.
The Teaching and Art Council decides on the recognition of exams at the proposal of respective Chairs, i.e. Departments.
The Academy chairs and departments have the duty of providing their opinion within the 15-day deadline upon the submission of application.

Article 87.
Students of one department may, as the rule, be transferred to another department is they fulfil all the obligations at the department to which they intend to be transferred and if they demonstrate exceptional affinity for the study course they intend to be transferred to.
The Teaching and Art Council decides on the recognition of exams and determining whether there is an exceptional affinity or not.
The Dean decides on the transfer of students from one department to another.