Organizational structure

Deans’s Office

Dean of Academy

Prof. dr. Dubravka Pozderac-Lejlić

Vice-Dean for Teaching Affairs

Prof. mr. Daniel Premec

Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and Finance

Prof. Srđa Hrisafović, DIA; MBS

Secretary of the Academy

Elma Đozo, dipl. pravnik

Technical Secretary

Jesenko Bajraktarević

Support Offices

Office for Teaching and Student Affairs

Nađa Softić, Head

Office for Financial Affairs

Senad Cvrk, Head

Nermin Bajraktarević

Office for Administrative and Technical Affairs

Amra Halebić, Head

Bodies of the Academy

Council of the Academy

Council of the Academy comprises academic staff and representatives of Academy students.

Expert Board

Expert Board comprises Dean, Vice-Dean, heads of departments and chairs, and the secretary.


Academy comprises six specific departments, each with several elective courses which essentially, through good organization, allow internal mobility of students:

Each of these departments educates students for a specific art activity, in the manner that meets the European criteria of art education. In the 2006/2007 academic year, Academy of Fine Arts of University of Sarajevo introduced the 4+1 Bologna system of education (undergraduate/bachelor studies – 4 years and graduate/master studies – 1 year)


  • Chair for Theory and History of Art

  • Chair for Photography and Multimedia