stefan a. schumer exhibition – the atomos project ____ monumental lightness

monday, 5th of september _ 2022

Stefan A. Schumer, with his floating archaic elements, chasms, broken stone, landscapes, aerial images, and urban regions, is not a destroyer of worlds: he pushes back vehemently against the relevance of reigning interests’ irrelevance, and he is conscious of how there exists no point of return.
Climate change, expanding deserts, parched harvests, forests aglow with flames, empty riverbeds, increasingly widespread poverty, pandemics, and war in Europe…. Conditions have deteriorated, have become perilous. Combining unreserved acknowledgement of this fact with an imperturbable creative drive is the true challenge.

„Atomos“ is, in any case, an unambiguous avowal that the design of living environments be kept lively and made visible from far off. It is only natural that this would seem surprising precisely in the midst of a society-wide phase of increasing uncertainty and anxiety in which the loss of our future is the ultimate fear. Peter Noever, 2022

Visionary Stefan A. Schumer is a builder of bridges. His unbridled spirit is determined to exhaust all possibilities and to resist. The ultimate goal of his important work with students at the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo is to achieve a better future and, in the vein of Frederick Kiesler’s “Vision Follows Reality”, to follow the process of nation building this country aspires to embrace! Valentin Inzko, 2022


valentin inzko
former high representative for bosnia and herzegovina

peter noever
curator at large; director em., mak vienna_los angeles

dubravka pozderac-lejlić
dean, academy of fine arts sarajevo
university of sarajevo, bih

rifat škrijelj
rector, university of sarajevo, bih

elisabeth von samsonow
philosopher, artist, academy of fine arts vienna

exhibition dates
5–12 september 2022 , gallery of the academy of fine arts sarajevo